Best Bar restaurant in Haridwar

The secret about how the best drinks at TAP Bar are made

One of the major attractions at TAP Bar is its vast menu of drinks. Well, we are here to
share with you a few recipes from our bestsellers. These drinks have helped us become
one of the best restaurant in Roorkee or the best restaurant in Haridwar. Our drinks
complement well with our bestselling food as well.

Virgin Pina Colada

We are one of those bar in Roorkee that never fail to impress you with the preparation
of Virgin Pina Colada. The process is pretty simple:

  1. Take some fresh pineapple juice in a mocktail shaker and add some coconut milk to it.
  2. Shake both of them well so that there is no residue left.
  3. Add a lot of ice cubes to make it chilled as per your liking.
  4. Enjoy it with your friends and family

For those who would prefer cocktail over mocktail, add some white rum to it and enjoy!

Best restaurant in Roorkee

Guava Mary

We are one of the few bar in Roorkee that have Guava Mary as its specialization.
For those who like a little spice in life, this is the recommended drink by TAP Bar. This
drink will satisfy the taste palette of all spice lovers

  1. Take some Chilly Guava juice in the mocktail shaker.
  2. Add some lemon juice to it and shake it well.
  3. . Add some mint on top to give it a refreshing flavor.
  4. Enjoy it with your friends and family
Best restaurant in Roorkee

Our recommendation would be, that instead of working so hard over gathering the
ingredients and making the drink, it’s better that you search Bar Haridwar, choose TAP
Bar or Crystal World Bar, follow the navigation and visit us. You wouldn’t have to
worry about the snacks or the drinks. We would love to serve you our wide variety of
drinks and mouth-watering food.

Join us and enjoy this winter season!
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