Best restaurant in Haridwar, Tap bar

5 must-try North Indian dishes at Tap bar and restaurant

Alan D. Wolfelt once said, “Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate.” TAP Bar loves you a lot but might not be able to express it. But you can surely try out our food to know how much we love you! Here is a list of the bestsellers in North Indian cuisine at TAP Bar which one must try:

1.Tandoori Aloo

For all the vegetarian lovers, Tap Bar in Haridwar is known best for its Tandoori Aloo. Made with love and tandoor, this dish is something one must try. Served with green chutney and onions, it becomes a perfect snack along with a drink. The smoky flavor of tikka is simply the best.

Best restaurant in Haridwar, Tap bar

2. Murgh Malai Tikka

If Tandoori Aloo is a snack for vegetarians, Tap Bar caters to all our Non-Veg lovers as well. The creamy malai tikka is soft and feels like it melts in your mouth. Served with green chutney and onions, it has a specialty of its own.

Best restaurant in Haridwar, Tap bar

After enjoying the sizzling tikkas at Tap Bar, it’s time for some main course dishes. These are something that one can never miss!

3. Paneer Lababdar

As delicious it sounds by its name, this dish is simply mouth-watering while ordering. Made from cashew paste, this is something that has a royal taste. It is a perfect mix of sweet and tangy and is best with some Indian bread.

4. Kadai Chicken

Kadai Chicken is one of those dishes that once you start, you can’t stop. A dish with a strong aroma and an excellent taste, it satisfies the taste pallet of all our food lovers. The best quality and juicy chicken of Tap Bar, this dish is the go-to choice for anyone who loves good north Indian food.

Best restaurant in Haridwar, Tap bar

5. Mutton Rogan Josh

This dish is especially for those whose party isn’t over or the taste buds aren’t satisfied until Mutton is there. Mutton Rogan Josh is one of the most common dishes one may see, but good Mutton Rogan Josh is the most uncommon dish one may taste. Don’t worry! Tap Bar is known for its excellent preparation, including Mutton Rogan Josh!

Best restaurant in Haridwar, Tap bar

We are sure reading this would have made you hungry. Just search for Tap Bar in Haridwar, click on Google maps and visit us. We are waiting for you with our chef eager to serve you!

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